Goran Ekvall Questions for Creativity

Challenge and Involvement
The degree to which people are involved in daily operations and long term goals. The climate has a dynamic, electric and inspiring quality. People find meaning in their work and are intrinsically motivated to invest much energy. The opposite is a feeling of alienation , indifference, apathy and lack of interest.

Most people here strive to do a good job

Independence in behaviour. Autonomy to define much of work. Taking initiative. Opposite – strict guidelines and roles. Work carried out in prescribed ways with little room to redefine their tasks.

People here make choices about their own work.

Trust & Openness
Emotional safety in relationships. When a level of trust, individuals can be open and frank with each other.. Can count for personal support. Have respect. Opposite is suspicion, closely guarded, cannot communicate openly.
People here do not steal each others ideas.

Idea Time
Amount of time can use and do use for elaborating ideas. Possibilities exist to discuss and test impulses that are not planned or included in task assignment. Slack.
Opposite – every minute booked. Time pressures make thinking outside instructions and planned routines impossible.

One has the opportunity to stop work here in order to test new ideas

Playfulness and Humour
Spontaneity and ease displayed in the workplace. Relaxed atmosphere where jokes and laughter occur often. Fun at work. Easy going.

Opposite is seriousness, stiff and gloomy atmosphere. Laughter is inproper

People here have a sense of humour.

Personal & emotional tension. Conflict high. Interpersonal warfare. Plots, traps, power struggles. Slander, gossip.

Opposite is more mature, deal effectively with diversity.

There is a great deal of personal tension here

Idea Support
The ways new ideas are treated – attentive, listened to, encouraged. Constructive & positive atmosphere.
Opposite automatic ‘no’ prevailing, suggestions refuted by counter argument. Fault finding usual style.

People here receive support and encouragement when presenting new ideas.

Discussion of opposing opinions and sharing diversity of perspectives.

Opposite – follow authoritarian patterns without questioning. Groupthink.

Many different points of view are shared here during discussion.

Risk Taking Tolerance of uncertainty and ambiguity in workplace. Bold new initiatives taken when outcomes unknown. Take a gamble, out on a limb.

Opposite is cautious, hesitant mentality. Sleep on it, safe side. Committees to cover themselves before making a decision.

People here feel as though they can take bold action even if the outcome is unclear


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