The Best Advise I’ve Heard In a While

Best advise I’ve gotten in a while:

“Never get good at something you don’t like doing.”

This has a lot to say about what types of situation you will create in your life and more importantly will those situations make you happy? Every kid in college is bound to ponder this question any person trying to foresee their career path. Every one is in the pursuit of happiness but some get misguided in what they think is needed to cultivate happiness and success.

So many leave their desires only floating around in conversation with the belief that it would be irresponsible for them to create what they would actually like in there life. This simple fact is a reason why there aren’t more people that are immensely happy and successful. It is the age-old idea of living our Dharma. The thing in life that you find the most purpose and can flow effortlessly at doing so, where you feel inspired and not pushed.
Though in life this is not so easy, but this is where the aspect of creating you life situation and not living it comes in to play. Don’t just life your life in a way that is from one step to the next taking the options that are simply laid before you. Create the life that you want by design because with out doing so you will never know what option, what doors in life to open that lead to the life that you really want.


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