SnowGlobe, a Rad Idea Made Real.

In my last post I talked about just getting up and doing what you what, so I’ll mention some dudes who actually have done just that. Getting stuff done at least. This New Years Eve at lake Tahoe there will be a music festival that is rival to any electronic music festival around. It’s called Snow Globe Music festival and it’s going to be awesome.

I’ve known about the idea of the music festival for a while now as I camped with the organizers last spring at another festival in southern California. Pretty regular 25 year-old dudes, love music, festivals, and girls. Still grappling with finding the balance between work and play in life after college. They mentioned that they had plans and financing in order to throw a music festival of their own in Tahoe, which sounded awesome to me considering that is basically home town turf. I took them mostly seriously considering the detail of their plan and the fact that they seemed like rather highly functioning individuals. Then again I had just met them and we were amidst a three-day party so I had my doubts.

Originally they planned it as a summer event planned around the 4th of July, which sounded great considering the amount of people in Tahoe at that time of year. But to make a long story short they didn’t get the permits, they got something better. The go ahead to have the festival New Years Eve in South Lake Tahoe the only time of the year there might be more people that the forth of July. They made it happen, while most twenty something’s are working overtime for the extra money to three days fighting crowds at Coachella these guys were making there own.

I wont go on too much about the specifics, I mention these guys because they are getting it done. Putting their ideas in action, and conveniently for them are going to make a lot of money in the process. My favorite part was they took the Wayne’s World advise and used the “If you book them they will come” approach and booked some really big names Pretty Lights, Glitch Mob, Bassnectar among others, despite the fact that this is there fist festival ever. This New Years I know where I’ll be, hope to see you there.


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