Create & Execute: Fear, Procrastination, a Little Alcoholism, and the Paradox of Inaction.

There’s a lot to say about getting shit done sometimes. It’s hard, enthusiasm is the missing emotion on the milk carton and procrastination is that all to comfortable friend yelling at you to come kick it. Only to leave you with a regretful, remorseful hangover reminiscent of the ones Jim, Jack, & Jose are all too famous for. But unlike alcoholism, procrastination on the other hand isn’t famously cherished by artists and writers alike as a creative necessity. Not that I’m saying that’s true or not, Hemingway himself said, “Alcohol is the cause and solution to many of my life’s problems.”

We can agree on one absolute though; nether helps productivity and for one reason or another fear of failing to produce is usually why so many drink and procrastinate in the first place. A round about paradox that is prevalent in anyone who isn’t self-aware. Neurologically tricked into choosing self-loathing and complete avoidance as a better option than the fear of failing. This type of behavior isn’t exclusively practiced by self-destructive artists and procrastinators. The comfort bubble people, scared to do anything that’s outside of their own realm of right might be the worst. They can’t even admit that their fear is the cause of what’s stopping them from doing anything notable.

Marie Curie once said, “Nothing in life is to be feared. Only to be understood.” We have to understand what’s stopping us, why we don’t believe that we can create something as well as the next as long as we get up and go do it. Learn resilience; take baby steps, do what ever. Just remember, “What one man can do, another can do” (-Anthony Hopkins, The Edge) so go kill that fu_*ing bear or whatever it is that’s stopping you from making that creative idea a reality.


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