Quality from Quantity: Even if it’s Sh*t Engage Yourself, Create and Execute. Then Listen.

Social media is just about everywhere and has become inundating to the point that you’d like to categorize it along with your local annoying coffee drinking hipsters. Negative notions pertaining to the subject are ample and wide ranging, but most of them consist of complaints of distraction, lack of fact checking ext.
Although most of us know there are many more positive uses, especially the people using social media platforms on a regular basis and the people who don’t are excited to learn. It’s lateral communication, in-bound marketing, and the digitization of the most powerful marketing tool of all, word of mouth, friend 2 friend communications. There’s no more filter on the flow of information. My self-branding professor Dr. Bret Simmons, states that the power of blogs is that it’s self-publication and powerful self-promotion, a way to let people know you more personally.

All of these notions are probably true the positives and the negatives, but there’s an aspect that the cynics my not know and the proponents might know but just don’t realize. That is, it is an extremely powerful exercise in the practice of execution. It stream lines the process of making a creative idea a little more real, and instant feedback on that idea something that never could have been done before.
My last post, “Quality from Quantity: Is a Genius a Genius If They Don’t Do Anything about It?” I wrote about how all great successful people make there great ideas come true by volume, if you try enough times you’ll have something good. Granted this process is a little easier if you’re a genius, but you’ll still have to make your share of un-noteworthy content or material. This fact is quite empowering, and at its core lies what I believe, might be the most important aspect of social media.

It gives people the opportunity to publish, publish, publish… publicly. With every Facebook update, tweet, pic posted, or blog written, people are engaging in creation and feedback of their own content. Of course, as we know most of it will be crap, but judging by what we’ve learned from past great idea’s realized, shitty content is good and completely necessary. The cool part is that everyone can finally know that there shitty idea is actually not quite as good as they once thought. We can stop wasting time with our unproductive self-serving bias and try to make something worthwhile. So go and pound those keys, maybe be you’ll be a little closer to something genius. P.S. I don’t mind feedback ether.


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