Quality from Quantity: Is a Genius a Genius If They Don’t Do Anything About It?

Creativity is not always the hard part as much of us know, its creating something that’s worth while or worth creating in the first place. Many times we have goals, things we what to accomplish as a result of some creative, productive venture. But many times we talk ourselves out of doing anything because the things we can brainstorm fail to meet our final expectation. Although, it is in fact that type of attitude that stops us from creating anything worth while in the first place. Our subconscious stops us from practicing in the rudimentary exercise of trial and error.

Recently I watched a talk given at the 99percent.com conference by Frans Johansson dubbed “The Secret About Executing Great Ideas” he talks among other things about the habits of highly successful people and how their great ideas became great. Not talent, not circumstance, but the actual volume of content or material that they actually created. Einstein for instance published over two hundred scholarly articles, Picasso like many great artist painted thousands and thousands of paintings.
This seems a little obvious; they were the best at what they did. The fact we must not over look is that much of those things they created were not masterpieces, not break though theories about the nature of the universe, but junk. They were able to make the great ideas reality that they did have, because they in fact were great at executing idea’s, any ideas not only the ones they think were worthy or would be a masterpieces.

All of them… they practiced execution. A tree might make a sound when it falls even if there’s one to hear it, but who cares. What we do care about is genius, and it will never be realized or honed without practicing execution.


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