Maslow, Why Self Actualization Brings Creativity and Innovation

Abraham Maslow has been extremely influential in modern institutions of Psychology, Sociology and Business alike but can he teach how to be creative and innovative also. Well in my opinion his inspiration on how to be creative and innovative was one of his greatest gifts of all.

As most people know Maslow’s hierarchy of needs was what the psychologists was most famous for if you are not familiar of the hierarchy it went like this:

Those self-actualizes, the people how represent the pinnacle of the pyramid were explained by Maslow as people who act in a way that was “free from the good opinion of others.”

Now lets think of the definition of being innovative.



(of a product, idea, etc.) Featuring new methods; advanced and original.

(of a person) Introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking: “an innovative thinker”.

This my sound a little obvious so far, of course everyone would like to be a self-actualizer, successful and innovative at the same time. The beauty is when you make the connection of the definition of a self-actualizer “a person who is free from the good opinion of others.” And the paradigm of innovation, Advanced and original, introducing new ideas ext… you will become innovative creative ext by dismantling all predisposition and expectation of others.

Cultivation of yourself, other great thinkers before knew the same thing. Thoreau hints maybe that we’re slaves to what others might think, mocking those how seek the superficial saying: Such people would rather seek gold in California than “sink a shaft down to the gold within and work that mine”

  Similar rhetoric is not absent in circles today in blogs, corporate culture, ext. Take social media for instance. I recently heard a professional say don’t worry, nobody is an expert at this you just have to go for it. I think that same ideology can be applied to all of life. The best way to become an expert is create, the best way to be creative is to free yourself from everyone but yourself.


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