CHECK THIS OUT: Find Out What Side of your Brain is Dominant, and can you control it?

I have always been intrigued in the brain and how the correspondence of the left and right brain worked, and how that relationship affects behaviors and strengths.  My initial interest in topic came from me being ADHD and Dyslexic both are caused by abnormalities in the brain and Dyslexia in particular how the two hemispheres of the brain communicate.  In a Dyslexic person it is said that in the left frontal lobe of the brain, the one used to process reading writing ext… works abnormally and in turn the brain makes up the difference by using the right frontal lobe to pick up the slack.  The jury’s still out on much of the research but you can understand what spurred my interest.

One thing that we can be sure of is that most people are left or right brain dominant. Left-brain dominant individuals characterized as logical and processes in sequential order and structure. Whereas right-brain dominate individuals are more visual and processes intuitively, holistically, and randomly.  The difference between an accountant and an artist, but don’t worry most of us can use both. Watch the video below and what side of the brain you use and, can you control it?

If the woman is spinning counter clock wise you are using our left brain and if she is spinning clockwise you’re using your right.

Now see if you cant make her spin the opposite way, most likely it will be frustrating and you might not believe she actually does. For me if I’m having trouble when she spinning to the left (counter-clockwise) I try to think of artistic or abstract things like sing a song in your head or painting, if she’s spinning right usually I can change her direction by simply analyzing why in fact this optical illusion is happening. Experiment by thinking different ways, or blocking one eye at a time and see if you cant make her switch direction.

If you still cant make her change watch this video below and consecrate on the the woman that was spinning in the opposite way of what you saw, focus on her movement then go back to the first video.

This is a very cool experiment in regards to individual habits and nature and gives an objective look at ways you can look at the same situation. Ask yourself. Can I look at problematic situation from a different perceptive to solve it whether it be in your career or just every day life?



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2 responses to “CHECK THIS OUT: Find Out What Side of your Brain is Dominant, and can you control it?

  1. This was way too much fun! At first she was spinning clockwise (for me), and then suddenly counter-clockwise. It took me a while but I was able to switch back and forth. I suppose I am naturally right-brained. I’d be interested to hear more about this study, how it was set up, what it sought to prove, and what they learned from it!

    • Yeah it is really fun, I never know which way it will spin and am always laughing when I finally get it to change. I don’t think there’s really to much science behind it except observed commonalities… spins left for most people, most people are right handed i.e. left brain dominant opposite for lefties (mostly) ext. But the main reason that I included it my blog was that is objectively doing exactly the same thing every time but you perceive it completely different at different times. Thanks for the Comment Tiffany!

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