Taking Action to Change a Community: 190+ Foot Climbing Wall in Downtown Reno. Awesome! Really Awesome!

Lately Reno has had a tough bit of luck, Air Race accidents, Street Vibrations shootings, common violent crime and an ailing gaming industry it’s clear that Reno might be due for a change in culture.  But this Friday 9/30 a really big step in that direction is being made. Friday will be the soft opening of CommRow a

non-gambling fun spot boasting a 190foot climbing wall on it’s westerly face. CommRow is located on Reno’s busiest and most famous street, south Virginia, in the old Fitzgerald’s Casino Right next to Reno’s beloved arch.

Along with a largest man made climbing wall in the world the casino will also open a European coffee shop with book exchange, indoor bouldering wall, multiple indoor bars, street food style dining, yoga and spinning classes they even have a dog park indoors so you can bring down your pup so he or she can play while you are. The hotel has exiting ideas for the future as well, they’ve planed an additional bouldering wall, BMX/skate park and mountain bike jumps to be built on top of the old Fitzgerald’s parking garage. But maybe the wildest plan is a zip line going from the top of the parking garage over the Reno arch ending on the side of the building. Before if someone had told me that there was plans of that nature I wouldn’t have taken them seriously but after seeing what this developer has done I wont be surprised.

Developer Fernando Leal hopes to capitalize on the large number of outdoor enthusiast that live in the Reno/Tahoe area as well as the 17,000+ member student body of UNR not less that a mile up the road. He also hopes to attracted other climbers from around the world knowing that world climbing mecca is located not far away in Yosemite and a rich climbing culture outdoor culture in Tahoe.

I can only wish the best for this venture and I think the hole Reno community does as well. Being a member of the Reno population that loves the outdoors and the location of the town, I feel little pride for Reno in particular and would sometimes rather just tell people who aren’t from here that in from Tahoe. That way I wont get responses like “Reno, Really?” when I’m small talking to people where I grew up in Colorado.  Now, the most photographed landmark in Reno will be back dropped by the biggest climbing wall in the world, that might change some peoples perception. I’m exited and can’t wait to go climb!


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