Life’s not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

I personally have ample negative sentiment for  the statement “I need to find myself” and feel myself cringe a little even when my brain thinks of letting that type of attitude make an excuse . When most people hear the saying “I just need to find myself” or “soul search”ext… people are anything but interested in what might be said next. It’s not the content of the statement but the attitude of the person saying it.  I will admit that at face value the statement sounds logically defensible. You could discover a particular activity that your good at, for instance you might be able to throw a baseball faster than most other people allowing you to have a better chance at pursuing a career as an athlete. Or perhaps you might have some other innate ability that deems you skillful or successful at a particular activity or practice. Defendable truths yes, but there ones in which you don’t want to focus.

“I need to find myself” indicates that there is some sort of life changing skill in which your are good at, or some profession you should become just waiting to be discovered. The definition of finding is “the action of finding someone or something”, and it’s literally described by Google by “a local doctor reported the finding of numerous dead rats”. Symbolism that is humorously applicable for this subject. If you spend all your time and energy expecting who you, what will bring you success to be foretold and given to you as a users guide, all you might find is a bunch of dead rats. This attitude only creates an attitude far from one of self reliance and most likely the very paradigm that thinkers like Emerson were specifically writing against.

The definition of create on the other hand is “to bring (something) into existence”, you don’t have to passively question where out there in the world this notion of “you” might be hiding. The idea that your best person is dressed up like a hipster drinking coffee with Waldo amongst a mid age battle is obviously unrealistic and defiantly inefficient. Creation must be pro-active not re-active, ambitious and not passive. Pearl S. Buck once said something inspiring on the subject-

“I don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.”



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